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A true online magazine that talks about fashion, beauty and things related to a word beautiful. We love everything but are focused on fashion brands, fashion designers, beauty marks and home accessories.

What we write about? We follow all the things beautiful, trendy and pretty.​​

Why Magazine? Because you adore being sexy and fashionable. And because you like to define your style and be unique. As are we.​ Come around every day and find something new. Click on the front cover to get into the magazine and then use a cursor or mouse to go forward or backward. Enjoy. :)​

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Besides krusevo.gov.mk the municipality presents yet another website that will serve all the visitors, turists, foreign citizens and newcomers.

Krushevo.com is a product of the desire to make the most of this wonderful town and create a platform for information for those who intend to visit Krusevo, where to go, what to eat, why to come here... Our intention is to present the most valuable things that the town of Krusevo can offer, plus assure that you have the best time here.

On top of that, Krusevo is a place for rest, raising your adrenaline and acknowledge unique history and culture.

This is Krushevo.com and you are all most welcomed!   

Our Team

With over 25 years of experience at the heart of the industry, the world’s most successful fashion and beauty professionals turn to our passionate team of experts and insiders to plan.

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  • free transport to and from your place of work
  • biennial flight ticket, medical , life and accident insurance with retail and leisure discounts


about us