The Hungarian Refugees in Krusevo

The Hungarian Refugees in Krusevo

Sula Mina

During 1956, when the pro-democratic revolution in Hungary began, around 500 Hungarian refugees came to Krusevo and spent about half a year in the town. They were situated on two parts of Krusevo and supplied with food and other necessities from Ilinden hotel.

Hungarian Refugees in Krusevo

One group of 250 refugees were situated in the children's camp Sula Mina  located outside Krusevo on the way to the village Pusta Reka and Holy Transfiguration monastery. The other two hundred refugees stayed in the Ilinden hotel. 

On donkeys and horses the refugees in Sula Mina were supplied with food and drink, and had only two phones to use for contacting their relatives in Hungary and around the world. One phone was found in the hotel and the other in the children's camp.

Hotel Ilinden

At the beginning the people from Krusevo were curious and afraid from the news that some refugees from a country in Europe were coming to their home town, but later they made friends with them and created memories that live until this day.

One example for the acceptance of the Hungarian refugees was the man called Farkash who trained the football players from the football club Pitu Guli and enable them to make to the top of the league table.

In 2016 a memorial table was designated in the Sula Mina complex, and the book There is only emptiness after them was published on both Macedonian and Hungarian language.