Hotel Montana Palace 4 stars

Hotel Montana Palace is set on a hilltop, enjoying a quiet location and surrounded by pine trees, overlooking the town of Kruševo. With hiking and biking trails in the nearest proximity, it offers an-on site restaurant, and a pub.

All rooms feature cable TV and a private bathroom. Suites comprise a spacious living area. Some units are fitted with a spa bath and a balcony offering views of the city and the mountainous landscape.

48th National Non-Professional Film Festival

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End Date
Kino sojuz

Krushevo will host this year's 48th National Non-Professional Film Festival, expected to feature a number of prominent and promising directors from Macedonia. 

The event will be organized by the Cinema Union of Macedonia in conjunction with the Folk Technique of Macedonia, with support from the Film Agency of Macedonia and the Municipality of Krushevo. The event is expected to begin on May 24th, 2019 and conclude on May 25th, 2019.

The festival will feature several categories, including:

1. Documentaries

2. Short Feature Films

Winter Postcard of Krusevo (12.02.2019)

Biljana Puleska

Another week passes and we continue to have snow in Krusevo. Visitors from When In Krusevo & other events, along with various locals, have captured a number of incredible landscapes for this week's "Winter Postcard of Krusevo". 

As always, we'd like to thank our contributors to this weeks postcard. They are as follows: Kire Krsteski, Ljubica Trajkoska, Dayana Chobanova, Sotir Gabeloski, Tome Hristoski, Petar Begalinoski, Biljana Puleska.

If you want to be part of our weekly Winter Postcards, please send in your photos to either of the following two email addresses:

16th FAI World Paragliding Championship

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16th FAI World Paragliding championship

In August 2019 on the take off site on Meckin Kamen in Krusevo the 16th World Paragliding Championship is going to take place with participants from many countries around the world.

The Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia has just announced that the 23rd World Hang Gliding Championship will also take place in Krusevo, in July.

Last year The European Hang Gliding Championship was held in Krusevo which brought competitors from over 30 countries, and many adventure visitors.

Krusevo Winter Postcard (04.02.2019)

Dayana Chobanova

Snow is still falling in Krusevo, and with more to come you can expect a plethora of beautiful winter landscapes still ready to be captured. As always, we're awed by the incredible moments locals & tourists alike have immortalized.

We've received a number of enchanting photographs from our followers for this week's winter postcard. We're proud to present their shots to be enjoyed by all.

Remembering Tose Proeski - His Fans Rendition Of His Timeless Songs

TOse Proeski

The birthday of Tose Proeski's, the legendary Macedonian singer who died in a car accident in October of 2007, was marked by a beautiful ceremony this year. It was filled with some of Tose's greatest hits, interpreted by young singers from Krusevo as well as the friend of Tose & Eurovision contestant, famous Macedonian singer Elena Risteska.

The event took place on the 25th of January at the Memorial House Todor Proeski in Krusevo. Fans of Tose from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, and elsewhere gathered to commemorate his birthday & continue to honor his legacy.

Krusevo Winter Postcard (20.01.2019)

Biljana Puleska

Shown is the latest Winter Postcard from Krushevo (20.1.2019).

Contributors to this weeks postcard are the individuals listed here: Biljana Puleska, Draga Stavreska, Emilija Andreeska, Filip RIsteski, Mihajlo Fiti, Naum Presoski, Sofija Mandiloska, TIroska Danica, Tome Hristoski.

If you'd like to see your photos featured in the weekly Winter Postcard, please send us your shots of Krusevo at:


As always, thank you to our contributors & enjoy these beautiful winter views of our town!


Ski Center Krusevo

Ski center Krusevo is one of the most popular places for skiing and, generally, winter tourism in Macedonia. Part of the ski center is the place called Stanic where there are several ski runs for amateurs together with two ski lifts.

The ski run that passes just under the cable car and it is 618 meters long. This ski run has been considered to be used by professional skiers.

Up there on Stanic there are two restaurants - Skaut and Shape that offer wide range of drinks and type of food..

Krusevo Winter Postcard (22.01.2019)

Draga Stavreska

We would like to present the latest winter postcard from Krushevo with photos from fans of the Weekend In Krushevo page. Contributions to this postcards come from Goran Georgievski, Ljubica Trajkoska, Naum Preshoski, Draga Stavreska, Stefo Jankuloski, Tome Hristoski and Sotir Gabeloski. Here you'll find ever-beautiful shots of Krushevo as well as photographs that captured the atmosphere for the great Christian holiday Epiphany which was held on the Krusevo lake.