Winter Night Landscapes

Winter Night Landscapes

This year winter in Krusevo came pretty late when compared to previous years and the winter calendar. We are almost half through February and the first snow (about 30 cm) has just come.

Downtown Krusevo

However, even though it is probably late for large numbers of visitors to come to Krusevo the snow provided both the citizens and the present tourists with beautiful landscapes and time to ski.

Place Gumenje, Krusevo

The center of the town is perfect. The churches, coffees, factory buildings everything is covered with snow, and during the night they shine like a day. 

Center of Krusevo

The house yards are also full of snow, only one narrow road goes in the middle of the yard. Gardens, garages, trees, everything is white.

Krusevo - yard

The winter paradise is called Krusevo.