What To Do: A Walk Inside the Nature of Krusevo

Monument Ilinden

One of the best experience that you can get from Krusevo is a walk inside the undiscovered nature.

In the summer there is an event organized by Finance Think and the local organization Krusevska zena walking through the forest and fields and collecting different types of herbage.

Beside the walk you will have an insight in the nutritional values of the natural плантс. You get to learn something about the natural healers and collect "Majcina dusica" tea.

So, if you are not a fan of the adrenaline sports then this is what you want to do this summer in Krusevo. 

Welcome to Krusevo


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1 200 000 Denars Support for Krusevo by the Agency of Tourism

Paragliding Krusevo

The Support and Promotion of Tourism Agency of Macedonia has secured 1 200 000 Euros for the support of the adrenaline tourism in Krusevo. In the next 30 days a new artificial grass will be set up on the paragliding site Meckin Krusevo.

The support form the Agency will prepare the Municipality of Krusevo for more professional organisation of the gliding and paragliding international competitions, and, of course, attracting more visitors.

Summer 2018

Krusevo center

The summer of 2018 in Krusevo will be probably one of the best in recent years, with many activities, events and acknowledging the potential that this town offers. 

The first thing that must be pointed out is the paragliding season that officially starts in the middle of June with the first international gliding competition. It will be followed by at least 7 more gliding and paragliding competitions happening this summer on Meckin Kamen in Krusevo.

Project: Vlach Room

Vlach Room

On the 23rd of May 2016, the national day of Aromanian (Vlach) people, the Vlach room has been opened and serves to illustrate the every day life of Aromanians in Krusevo accepted by all nationalities as their own way of life.

Vlach Room

This room it is a symbol, also, of the multiethnic population living in Krusevo and the coexistence between different nationalities.

When in Krusevo 2017 DAY 3

When  paragliding

When in Krusevo is an outdoor festival that has been organized for the first time last year, from the 4th to 6th of August, and the organizers have been working for the second volume of the festival this year, 2018. 

It is an event that involves camping, mountain bike, hiking, paragliding, musical events in the night held in the nature around Krusevo. 

In the following video you can see the highlights of the last day.

Local Cuisine of Krushevo

Krusev Cuisine

The traditional Krushevo cuisine combines Balkan and Mediterranean characteristics, inherited largely from Turkish tastes that prevailed during long centuries of Ottoman rule. The travelers are delighted with the taste of local tomatoes, carrots, lettuces, parsley, onions, an garlic, and not to mention the rich flavor and aroma of fresh fruit, such as watermelons, melons, cherries, apricots, grapes, peaches, and others. Most herbs are collected in the local mountains and in the countryside, and these herbs are renowned for their taste, have scent and healing properties.

5 Original Experiences Only In Krusevo

Krushevo is perhaps one of the most unique cities in Macedonia and it is also a perfect place for a unique experience. The city looks like a postcard filled with small and large roofs, surrounded by mountains and untouched nature. It’s a really small town where everyone lives as a big family and that is exactly what will allow you to have a unique experience because here you can talk with the locals and they can share with you part of their life. If one day the road leads you to Krushevo, try to do at least one of these things: