Project: Vlach Room - Symbol of Multiethnicism in Krusevo

On the 23rd of May 2016, the national day of Aromanian (Vlach) people, the Vlach room has been opened and serves to illustrate the every day life of Aromanians in Krusevo accepted by all nationalities as their own way of life.

Vlach Room

This room it is a symbol, also, of the multiethnic population living in Krusevo and the coexistence between different nationalities.

5 Original Experiences Only In Krusevo

Krushevo is perhaps one of the most unique cities in Macedonia and it is also a perfect place for a unique experience. The city looks like a postcard filled with small and large roofs, surrounded by mountains and untouched nature. It’s a really small town where everyone lives as a big family and that is exactly what will allow you to have a unique experience because here you can talk with the locals and they can share with you part of their life. If one day the road leads you to Krushevo, try to do at least one of these things: